Just Be Yourself

If you identify as Jewish, whether you believe you are a descendant of Ya’akov or a convert, conduct your life according to your own understanding of what it means to be a Jew. Remember that goyim are just nations, and Yisra’ēl is also a nation. Do not, however, seek to impose your Judaism upon any other.

If you identify as Christian, live how you are convinced a Christian is supposed to live. You should only expect others who also choose your exact same brand of Christianity to believe and act as you. You made the choice for yourself to become a Christian. It is not who you were born. You are not free to judge another for not becoming what you have chosen to become.

If you identify as Muslim, be the Muslim you believe you should be according to your own understanding. It is not your right, though, to seek to annihilate any others because they have chosen another path than you towards enlightenment.

The point is that, whatever you identify as, if it is part of any group identity, you are simply conforming to a compartmentalization that someone else invented. The only thing any of us were born is ourselves. Until someone told you that you were something else, you were not. And you still had to accept that other person’s label to even perceive yourself as such.

Whatever you identify as, whether as self-aware or as a member of any particular group, you are responsible for finding your own path within that, and because within those paths, every is seeking acceptance in place of significance, everyone desires for everyone else to agree with what they think of themselves. Love doesn’t accept because of your alignment with what it believes. Love accepts in spite of how different you choose to be from who it chooses to be.

How is it that My Soul Smiles

I hear all the time how infectious my smile is.

But how does my smile even shine through?

How do my eyes reflect honesty when I have lived a lie so long?

Behind my infectious smile, and honest eyes was pain.

Pain from a childhood trying to please others, and feeling like a failure.

Pain from the days of my youth when I harbored so much shame.

But why shame? How failure? When I was the kid everyone desired.

To the community, I did no wrong, but within my immediacy I did no right.

Despite the scars from my past, my soul often found a way to smile.

Yet, when I look at me now from then, I see the pain that others couldn’t.

It was never that I wasn’t a good photographer.

It was that when I was taking my picture alone, I felt no reason to smile.

When you look at my pictures, what do you see?

Do you see the joy I gave everyone else?

Or do you see the torture of criticism?

Or is the sensation of disappointment?

Today, though, I choose to hug me in sincerity.

I choose to give myself the peace I never thought I deserved.

I choose to no longer be bullied or judged.

So that I can see my soul smiling like the others who were ignorant of my heartache.

Because today, I decided that I deserve to be infected by my smile more than anyone else in the world.

So, I acknowledge my trauma.

I acknowledge it and forgive it.

I acknowledge it and accept it.

I acknowledge it and heal it.

Through tears.

Through memories of hurt.

Through recollections of ridicule.

And at the end of it all, I hug myself, and I smile.

I smile like I AM the happiest, healthiest, wealthiest man on earth.

I smile like a man free after being wrongfully imprisoned for forty-six years.

I smile like one who had lost his own soul, and found it once again.

I smile for me, and I AM willing to share this smile with all who desire it.

A Conversation of Affirmation Between Todd and Little Todd

I congratulate me for achieving my present level of self-mastery.

I AM so proud of myself for manumitting from other people’s opinions.

I AM in love with my body for being here for me to experience this life for these moments through all challenges and obstacles.

My mind is perfectly at peace, and I appreciate it for giving animation to my body.

I love how dope my soul is for the magick it emanates to give me everything I desire in abundance.

Divine right action is always taking place in my life.

Only good comes from each experience.

It is safe to grow up.

I AM perfect as I AM.

I AM not obligated to satisfy any standards set for me by anyone else.

I AM beautiful beyond compare.

The love I have for myself is completely sufficient, and I have no need for the acceptance of my peers.

I do not have to tell myself no.

The Universe is abundant with all of my wants and needs.

There is no greater achievement than my own happiness, and I need no one else to agree with me.

I deserve all of my heart’s desires, and they are rapidly manifesting for me because out of my own heart flow the issues of life.

I AM in competition with no one, not even who I was yesterday.

I AM victorious in all my intentions.

I don’t have to pick what others want for me.

The rules don’t apply for me.

There is no one who can judge me, not even a god.

My father loves me unconditionally according to his level of understanding.

My mother loves me unconditionally according to her level of understanding.

My love for others is not defined by any material gifts I give.

My intelligence is personal and unable to be measured by any other being.

I don’t have to have siblings to be complete.

I don’t need girls to like me to be significant, and they are not right or wrong for their feelings towards me.

I belong, because I AM divinely connected.

I forgive myself for not measuring up to the perceptions of others.

I forgive all others for projecting their perceptions onto me.

I AM free to say no to anything I do not want to do.

I have nothing to fear.

I AM free to explore the world as my soul chooses.

Don’t Call Me King

Do you realize that in the context of time, both government and religion are brand new? The earth is literally millions of years old, and The Universe, in its present alignment, likely trillions. Government and religion, which are both just forms of law, are only several thousands of years old.

What you view as religion is just a clever disguise for human governments. In order to limit the risk of revolt from the populace, men blamed gods for instituting what was reality these men’s own will over the people.

To further solidify this agenda, these men even began to write mythos which they passed off as the word(s) of these invisible gods. It was a brilliant plan, and now most of the world has bought into it.

Kings are individuals who rule over other individuals. So, a kingdom is the rule of a king (or queen). There is one individual who exerts his or her own desire upon all the people, and it is usually reinforced with threats of incarceration or death (either temporal or eternal).

So, before humans became consumed with their egos, and decided they could decide what was right and wrong for all of humanity, there were no laws. Laws became the result of the men and women holding others responsible for their feelings about themselves, and life.

Kings and queens rely on subjects for their significance and validation, and that is the problem in the world today. Kings are lords and masters, but above their own laws. That’s the general hypocrisy of humanity in 2019. Humans want everyone to give up their freedom while they maintain the liberty to do what they please.

Americans are the epitome of this reality, even as much as they despise the concept of kingdoms. In gaining independence from Great Britain, the consensus was on religious freedom, and escape from what they viewed as tyranny, yet each time an individual tries to legislate right or wrong, whether from a political or personal standpoint, they become tyrants themselves.

EVERYTHING now regarded as right or wrong, and deemed legal or illegal began as the personal feelings of one individual, and that individual convinced others to obey him. Even to say the KINGDOM of God is within you is subliminally keeping you indoctrinated to this idea that someone is ruling everyone else, and there is an established order that all must align with.

So to further the subjection of the citizens, heaven was invented as a reward, and hell as a punishment. This is what kings do. They either promise you favor for your allegiance, or threaten you with punishment for your rebellion. None of it is consistent with nature, but those same men have you convinced that without laws, humans would be out of control.

The truth is that what is viewed as out of control, is really just someone a ruler (whether verifiable or self-imposed) is unable to overpower and subdue. Nat Turner was called out of control. Dutty Boukman was called out of control. Joan of Arc was called out of control. All were labeled such because they refused to bow to tyranny.

I AM no one’s king. Even as a father, I AM not here to rule anyone. I don’t need to dominate anyone else to be validated. I AM a god. My sufficiency is wholly within me, and embracing my own distinct significance is the key to my happiness.

Laugh a Little

You know what I recently learned about myself? In my quest to free all from judgment, I had a habit of judging people for judging others for living their lives as they choose.

No one had to tell me I was doing it. It just became evident to me as I spent time self-reflecting. That is a behavior that is not consistent with who I define myself to be, so I had to change it.

What I realized too is that in my disdain for people judging other people, I was robbing myself of some laughter. I would see posts sometimes where someone was making a joke about something someone else said or did, and my mind went to condemn them. That’s not freedom.

Today, I allowed myself to allow others to be as they choose to be. If they choose to live in judgment of what others do differently than them, that’s their right, as long as they don’t cause physical harm to anyone else.

A lot of stuff that we tend to deem offensive, really isn’t offensive at all. We just want everyone else to perceive everything as we do, and too often, we miss out on opportunities for laughter trying to keep people from speaking their mind.

People are funny. Not in a demeaning way. People just say and do some things that are really harmless when we remove their power over our emotions.

Healing for Real

Injuries are true conditions of the body, while diseases are conditions of the soul. While we cannot control everything that happens to our bodies, we are the only ones responsible for our souls’ discomfort. Our souls’ diseases also transmute into diseases of the body.

Many of the diseases we incur are a result of the foods we choose. Even when discovering what food choices have contributed to our diseases, we still have to do the work of healing the underlying factors within the soul. The soul is the above that is manifested in the below, which is the body. In the ancient east they perfected the healing sciences over several millennia, and in the modern west, they introduced the world to medical practice. We, as a society, have labeled the divine sciences as new age, and thus only because they have been suppressed for so long, in order to promote the practice of medicine (sorcery).

Medicine is about neglecting our accountability, and surrendering accountability for our health to another master. It’s time we get back to the occult (hidden) sciences that bring about Tikkun Nephesh (healing of the self), which leads to Tikkun Olam (healing of the world/the whole).

Self-Love is not Selfish

True healing provokes a level of love for all that is infused with mercy and forgiveness. When we are truly healing, we recognize that everyone has been bamboozled, and all of us need to experience repentance. Repentance is a return to the sovereign god within us all, not to a personified, legalistic god. Healing brings about our manumission. It’s not a freedom from one system just to cling to another set of rules, but a liberty that empowers us to each be totally transformed by the renewing of our minds; made new again, as they were at birth. It’s from this place that you don’t desire anyone else to lose just so you can win.

Most people, however, only awaken their egos. They finally identify the pain they have endured, and want to cast blame on someone. These people never heal because they don’t contain forgiveness in their hearts. Their own victimization causes them to want to victimize someone else. They want vengeance on their oppressors. They seek retribution from their perceived enemies. They want to punish those they feel took advantage of them. Oftentimes, they punish others who remind them of the people they hold responsible for their hurt. This is why restoration and salvation still are distant to this world. It was ego that brought about division, and even created the veil which for most remains between divinity and humanity, and ego continues to breed chaos today.

It’s not self-love to just become aware of your own happiness with no concern for the happiness of others. Though none of us is master of another’s emotions, we still cannot, in truth, love ourselves and not care at all about how our decisions and actions affect how others feel. That’s not self-love; that’s selfishness. Selfishness has no place in 5D earth. If it means someone else has to suffer hurt as a result, you’re deceiving yourself to suggest you deserve it. Nothing you deserve in love, leads to the real pain of someone else.

Personal Accountability

Other than my favorite Audre Lorde quote, likely the most influential quote I have ever heard is one my brother, Ron Mosby, often proclaims. “Life is hard. Death is easy. I AM responsible.” Though Ron is an elder in the Christian belief system, this quote could be accredited with my personal strength to walk away from religion.

Every reminder of this idea fortifies my resolve to pursue knowledge (science), even within the pages of scripture. For many, it is just easier to say things like “God works in mysterious ways”, “You don’t question God”, or “Our thoughts are not his thoughts”, but in my diligence (study) to show myself approved, I have found that every question does have an answer. Most people just aren’t willing to do the work to find the answer.

The difference between Moshe and Yisra’ēl was that Moshe was determined to search out the answers, and the rest of Yisra’ēl was afraid to. As a result, Yisra’ēl became subject to the law of Moshe. What we have been taught to believe about Moshe was that he prayed to an external god, but what is known is that he spent forty days and nights alone on a mountain.

In my alone time, I have studied. I have researched science, and evaluated it in comparison to my experience. What I walk away with each time is answers- answers to the questions we were told not to ask because it was supposedly “God’s” business.

I AM never again going to condemn someone else for choosing to pray about what’s happening in their life. However, no one should ever feel comfortable telling me to pray about what’s going on in my life, UNLESS by prayer you mean searching out my heart to find the solution to my problems. Especially when it comes to my health, prayer is not the answer; science is. I AM going to continue discovering the science that heals my body and my soul, because I AM responsible.

In our acceptance of responsibility for our lives, we have to be diligent (the proper rendering of “Study” in 2 Timothy 2:15) in finding the personal paths to our own restoration. If I AM to be saved from the world, I AM accountable for saving myself. The only way for me to save myself is through applied science (knowledge). If I perish, it’s going to be explicitly for the lack of applied science. That’s the reality of what knowledge is, and as it is written “Because you have rejected knowledge, I have rejected you from being my people.”

Truth is subjective. You are responsible for knowing YOUR truth. You can’t keep expecting the truth of people two thousand years ago is going to get you by. So, get alone, and find your truth. Seek first the kingdom, but never forget that the kingdom is within you.

I AM not any religion

Religions have basically been borne out of individuals telling tales of what they experienced in their time completely secluded from society. For millennia now, men and women of renown have shared with others what they learned in solitude, and rather than spend time in solitude themselves to find God for themselves, they have submitted themselves to the report of the others. So, instead of knowing God for themselves, they simply believe what someone else claimed to be true of God, essentially making the storyteller their God.

Truthfully, these men and women of renown were all left alone, and returned to tell the masses that they had met God. There was no empirical evidence to substantiate the claim, but because the people were afraid to go within, through solitude, themselves, they couldn’t deny the power they witnessed in the men and women of renown. So, their religious beliefs were an offspring of someone else’s self-mastery. The people don’t actually believe in God; the people believe in the legends about God.

While Judaism is a religion, based primarily on the testimony of Moshe from his time ALONE upon Mt. Horeb, Israel actually means “victorious with Ēl”, Ēl actually meaning power. Ya’akov wrestled with himself to find his power.

Christianity is a belief system founded on the doctrines invented by the Council of Nicaea in 325 C.E., however Christ, meaning “smeared with oil” is actually a consciousness. That consciousness is achieved, again, in solitude, as Jesus was, also finding his power through confrontation with himself in the wilderness.

Muslims are adherents to the testimony of Muhammad, but Islam actually means “peace”. I become peace as I fully embrace myself. Peace is the wholeness achieved in self-love, and true self-love emanates outward to our neighbor and every living thing.

As we do the work of self-mastery, which requires engaging the shadow self in darkness, we become one with ourselves. It is here where we find perfect love: the perfect love that casts out all fear.

America’s Problem Is… SELF-destruction

There is so much liberty in knowledge. While a belief is a hypothesis, science is the acquisition of empirical evidence to prove or disprove that hypothesis. We are slaves to belief until we do the research to find truth.

I would venture to say, the greatest problem in America and the world is belief. People rely too much on their emotions which are able to be easily deceived. The soul, however, searches out truth.

In this age, people are too lazy to do the work to find the answers. The people have given mastery of their emotions over to others, and they are too attached to others’ choices and actions. No one made any of us feel the way we do. We choose to feel as we do about everything.

The soul is love. The soul is diligent for real answers, but people snuff out the soul with the ego, because they are comfortable in their dis-ease. While the soul pursues correction and restoration; becoming one again with itself, the ego thrives on brokenness.

The ego is constantly judging every bit of information it receives as either good or evil. That judgment is completely subjective. There is no truth in it. The soul, though, will find the truth, and accept the truth for what it is. The soul doesn’t perceive facts and empirical evidence as either good nor evil.

So, in America, we have a whole population tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. Doctrines are nothing but subjective beliefs founded upon personal feelings. They have little to do with truth; even personal truth. This is why, even in the face of conclusive data, the average person in 2019 would rather attempt to explain away the facts to hold onto their beliefs than to adjust their beliefs to align with the facts.

People don’t want healing in 2019. Healing requires us to go deep, deep within the darkness of our souls to get truth; and once that truth is found, we have to be disciplined enough to alter our lifestyles to adhere to that truth. And most people are afraid of the dark.

You want to show yourself approved unto God? You’re going to have to be diligent. You’re going to have to investigate everything you have ever been told, and first be disconnected from the outcome, so that whatever you find out in your research, you accept it.

This is the ONLY way we will ever change the world for the better. This is the only way our Universe will ever be healed. Yes, feel the emotions, but in feeling them, be willing to admit that they are your own, and that no one else is responsible for you feeling how you do about a situation. Then do whatever you must to master your energy’s motion.

It is your rush to judge everyone else using your personal feelings that keeps you from finding the way, the truth, and the life. There is no path to righteousness in the ego. The ancient paths, which are based on science, not belief, will lead you to rest for your souls.

The Greatest Love

We often hear that there is no love like a mother’s love. From the mortal perspective, this seems like reality; however, in the sense of divinity, it couldn’t be further from the truth. In our society, it is believed that the role of parents is to instruct their children. This is a daunting task for the majority of parents because they only seek to teach their children to conform to a standard established for them by someone else.

ESPECIALLY, in the religious context, instruction is anti-love. Love seeks to understand, and accept what it comes to understand. This is why perfect love casts out all fear. Where there is a lack of understanding, fear is common. What mortals do is try to change everyone and everything to fit their ideal rather than seek to understand what is. Mortals do it with their children, with nature, and even with their concepts of God.

This is why science is so essential in consciousness. Science is just knowledge, and it comes by observation. What love does is pursues connection despite differences. Love doesn’t identify discomfort and seek to eliminate it. No! Love acknowledges discomfort, and studies it to find out how it is producing healing- healing for self, and healing for the world.

The general idea of motherly love is of correction based on a moral compass, despite the soul of the child. Love is not a map. Love is a compass. Its intent is not to lead you anywhere, but to reveal to you where you are. Every mother is perfect according to her level of understanding herself. They just haven’t been loved themselves to be able to actually self-identify, so they often love from the ego, disconnected from their own souls. The divine mother is all about nurturing the true soul of her children, WITHOUT JUDGMENT. To the divine mother, the child truly can do no wrong, because the divine mother loves unconditionally, no matter what.

Because mothers have generally not learned that unconditional love for themselves, they generally project their understanding of love upon their own children. Women many have it more difficult in achieving self-mastery in our culture because they have been conditioned to the idea that to receive love they have to meet this exceptional standard set by men. From this indoctrination, they tend to teach their sons to perpetuate patriarchy and misogyny, and teach their daughters to meet the standard to “deserve” love.

As we ascend towards restoration and healing, children have to be given the freedom to be. Not to become, or to do, but just to be; and evolve as their souls naturally mature within the liberty of their own divinity. Without observation in patience, we will never achieve this level of love. We will never achieve perfect love of self because, instead of observing ourselves sans judgment to be restored to our own souls, we keep attempting to fit our divinity into these moral standards that just weren’t intended for us as sentient beings.

So, the greatest love is self-acceptance. Then that self-acceptance is extended unto all others. Especially in those social media consumed generation, we have become quick to cut people off in fear, rather than practice the love that leads to understanding and oneness. We have been deceived into accepting the notion that karma is love. Karma is not love though. Karma is fear. It’s a lower vibration of judgment that brings correction by conformity, rather than restoration in transforming. That’s why, in love, we must not be conformed to this world (an external set of standards), but instead be transformed by the renewing of the mind (the divine government within).

That’s love! It’s the love we are to love ourselves with, and the love we are to love our neighbors with as well.

Your Soul’s Salvation

“What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and lose his soul?” -Mark 8:36

Understand that true education is not putting information into someone, but drawing nature out of someone. Putting information in is indoctrination. The prefixes ex- and in- are what truly set the two apart. Ex, the actual root of education, is to draw out, while in, is to put into.

I love the way the Talmud explains the gestation period. It is said that an angel sits in the womb with a baby and teaches it everything it needs to know, and just prior to birth, the angel touches the baby above the lip, creating the fulcrum, and the baby then forgets everything, only to rediscover it all within itself after delivery.

We, instead, have been inundated with external information, that makes it that much greater a task to distinguish between what is genuinely us, and what is just the influence of others outside of us. Oftentimes, it is our attempt to return to ourselves (repent) amidst the mire of human governments, organized religions, and schooling that drives many to depression, schizophrenia, and other mental illnesses.

The key to healing is to cast off our conformity to the world around us, and discover the perfect love for ourselves again that casts out all fear. The ego in society seeks to convince us that failure is not living according to its standards, but the only real failure is living an entire life only to please everyone else.

So, our souls are actually righteous all along. You are not actually born in sin. You are indoctrinated into sin. Sin is truly to betray your own soul, especially in an effort to please or serve someone else. This is why the royal law is to love your neighbor as YOU LOVE YOURSELF. Sadly, we become lost trying to satisfy a kingdom apart from us, when the kingdom of God is explicitly within.

When we are consumed with meeting the standard of our indoctrination, we lose ourselves. The soul is the true self, and children maintain the purity of the soul… until adults get ahold of them, and begin teaching them to judge right and wrong. Instead of us maintaining that childlike faith in our own purity, we begin to believe that we have to do what makes everyone happy but ourselves, and it is from that mindset that our souls need saving. But each of us is accountable for working out our own soul’s salvation.

Divine Arithmetic

The first 👉🏿duty👈🏿 of sentient beings is to be fruitful and multiply. Too bad most people don’t remember that this assignment was given to one, not two, and so they make someone else accountable for their abundance.

We are not placed in this dimension to attract anything. Everything there is for us to experience must be birthed out of us. However, many of us are reckless in our gestation, then look for someone to blame when what WE give birth to comes out afflicted.

I AM responsible for EVERYTHING that precedes from me. What I practice during my spiritual pregnancy is going to influence what emanates forth from my matrix. If I don’t master my energy in motion, every fruit I produce is going to bring me sorrow.

Within each adam (earth man) is both zacar (marked one- male) and neqabah (easily pierced- female). When I walk in wholeness, the two, in one flesh, can multiply everything within me. I cannot, though, create fruit that I do not contain the seeds of.

This is why the law of attraction fails. You are a multiplier, not an adder. Even in seeking first the kingdom of God (which is within you), all things are added TO YOU. You are not added to all things. When children are added to a family, they come from WITHIN the divine feminine being. So, first discover what’s in you, and labor to deliver that.

Let God Arise

AM I the only one who found irony in the achievement of Westbrook in dedication to Ermias Joseph Asghedom? From the first time I heard Nipsey Hussle, I wondered what provoked him to choose this particular stage name, as it appeared to pay homage to one of my favorite actors and comedians from my childhood, Nipsey Russell. But then when RUSSELL Westbrook put up 20-20-20 in honor of Nipsey HUSSLE, I couldn’t help but to consider The Universe was strategic as always.

If nothing else, this whole thing has reminded me that The Universe is always conspiring in our favor. If we can get past the desire to judge good and evil, right and wrong, we can ascend back to the soul’s interconnected view. Just as the venerated Ermias Joseph Asghedom labored to achieve oneness amongst rivals, we ought to learn the lesson that only in bondage to ego is their division, but we are not slaves in fear; we are divine beings in love.

The name Ermias means “God will rise”. When we understand God is the inextricable soul within us all, we can allow God to arise, and his enemies to be scattered (Psalm 68:1). The enemies of God; the enemies of the soul are fear, hate, indoctrination, division, ego, racism, classism, colorism, sexism, homophobia, and all other attempts to judge or control that which is outside of the self. Yes, as it is written, ye are gods; but, you shall die as mortals- because you allow your ego to rule. There are some, like Nipsey Hussle, who die as gods, purely because God did arise within him. Will God arise within you?


How many of you are old enough to remember Janet Jackson’s chart-topping album “Control”? In 1986, as a thirteen year old, I remember jamming to the title track, as well as hits like “Nasty”, “What Have You Done For Me Lately?”, and “Let’s Wait A While”. Control and Rhythm Nation, in my opinion, set Miss Jackson apart as a musical artist. And don’t even get me started on her choreography.

But the word control is on my mind for reasons far deeper than this monumental album. As I type today, I ponder on how destructive control has been to me as an individual, and to our world as a whole. Control may be the one catalyst that breeds more chaos and dysfunction than any other type of energy in existence.

Now, don’t confuse the control I AM referring to with the scientific principle of control. When we use the word control in the scientific sense, we are referring to the one component of an experiment that is static; unchanged. Every other component is a variable, meaning they are interchangeable.

That control is a noun. It is a person, place, or thing that remains consistent throughout the course of research and investigation. The control I AM speaking of is the verb. I present to you control, as an effort to make decisions and decide what will happen to something or someone. This control requires a great deal of energy exertion, while remaining unable to actually determine the outcome of any scenario.

The most human thing we do as sentient beings is attempt to control that which we are not in control of, while allowing that which we are actually responsible for to be controlled and affected by external stimuli. Though the two controls I have presented are different (one is a noun; the other a verb), the two are actually interrelated. In this experiment called life, I AM the control, and everything else is a variable. As I AM the only control in my life, I AM only accountable for controlling myself. However, I must first distinguish my true self from my visage. My true self is my soul, and my soul expresses itself by energy alone.

My visage is my outer appearance and shell. In itself, my visage is a responder, and therefore is unable to be controlled. Though I can take action to influence my bodily response, I AM still unable to guarantee that response. It is possible to eat “healthy” and exercise regularly, and the body still not respond in the way I hoped. It is also possible to eat like crap and never exercise, and yet that body sustain a long, healthy life. This is because those things are out of our control. There are so many other external factors that go into how the body responds.

My emotions, on the contrary, are completely under my control. I alone can decide what will happen with them. They are connected exclusively to my soul, and as such, I can decide to remain in control of my emotions despite what others say or do. I AM powerless to control what another being does, yet I AM in complete control of how I allow what other beings do affect the way I feel. No one can make me feel any type of way.

Slavery is a system of control where an individual or institution attempts to determine the outcome of a situation involving another being. Control is unnatural, and it causes one to judge another in unrighteousness. For example, the average parent attempts to control his or her child/children. The parent believes it is his or her responsibility to form the child into what they perceive the child should be. Sadly, parents rarely take the time to observe their children in the aim of simply understanding the divine beings in their care. So, in their quest to decide what will happen to the children they have been charged to care for, they frustrate the children and themselves because they have sought to control that which they have no control over. They have attempted to break the souls (the actual control) of those children, believing themselves to be the god of the child. The god of the child, though, is exclusively within the child. It is the child’s own soul.

In this world, our neglect of responsibility for our own soul has led us to attempt to decide who is right or wrong based upon how they have “made us feel”. When others don’t fall in line with our attempt to control them, we decide that they are responsible for the chaos that ensues. The truth is that we alone are responsible for the chaos because we have given variables the authority to affect us against our will. We have forsaken our real control trying to control others, and thus, the true creative energy within us is allowed to be out of control.

Love has no desire to control. Love is liberating. Love is full of acceptance, but because we have been so conditioned to try to control the parts of our world that are beyond our control, we have lost ourselves. We have become conformed to a standard that leaves us perpetually in a state of despair, because we are attempting to create from a place of lack; lack of control. What we need to do is learn to set our intentions, while simultaneously releasing our need to control the outcome. It’s from this heart-space that we actually become accountable co-creators of our reality, and we stop being victims of circumstances. Here is where we stop attempting to punish people for being who they are, and begin accepting them as they are. Here is where we begin to open up our bowels of compassion, and take our position in the healing of the world.